QUORUMSCAPE integrates the Quorum algorithmic tools into a real-time geo-located CityScape simulation. An alpha version was release for the Mediacity (http://mediacity.i-dat.org/) conference and SAT ix Symposium (http://ix.sat.qc.ca/node/359?language=en), with further upgrades for the the Tate Modern Turbine Hall Festival (http://i-dat.org/tate-modern-data-jam-250715/) and the Big Buzz Plymouth event (http://bit.ly/1WJFTBQ) and Cairotronica. A stable distribution with mobile/Samsung Gear VR was commissioned by Design Informatics/Edinburgh University for the Edinburgh Cityscope Project (http://www.edinburghcityscope.org/).

The intention with this manifestation of Quorum is to provide a digital voice for the inhabitants of Urban spaces by providing a dynamic visualisation of real-time geo-located data feeds (Twitter, CSV, web sockets, MQTT, etc) which can be displayed on big screens, through projection, Head Mounted Displays, mobile devices and Fulldome immersive environments. These real-time data feeds are filtered through Quorum algorithmic processes to provide sonifications, sentiment terrain/sky maps and other collective behaviour mappings.





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