Quorum is an i-DAT strategic research initiative that builds on its research strengths in cultural computation, ludic data and playful experimentation with creative technology. Quorum creates playful synergies between audience behaviours, interactive media environments, physical objects (or things) and modern integrative, sub-symbolic, computational techniques.

Quorum is an algorithmic system that feeds off data generated by material and virtual environments and the physical and social behaviour of audiences. It incorporates bio-inspired algorithmic swarm decentralised decision making processes to generate a dynamic and evolving collective behaviour. It is a volatile system of stimuli and response that is manifest as data driven interactive objects, installations and immersive audio-visual experiences.





Quorum Computation.

Quorum proposes new analytical techniques which focus on enhanced audience engagement through the use of Artificial Neural Networks, Self Organising Maps and Deep Learning Networks to innovatively integrate subjective and objective data, considering its temporal and predictive aspects, variety and quality and correlations. through the use of Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Self Organising Maps.

Quorum technologies draw on the Urban API and Qualia elements of i-DAT’s Operating Systems (op-sy.i-dat.org)


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